Restaurant Stube Hermitage

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via Castelletto Inferiore 63 (D10)
38086 Madonna Di Campiglio

T +39 0465 441558

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Restaurant Stube Hermitage


Restaurant Stube Hermitage is located in the Bio-Hotel Hermitage.


The true food lover is the hotel’s owner, Giacomino Maffei, who, with his unending passion for fine dining and good drink and the confidence of his many guests, has managed to achieve several important milestones, including the latest awards such as the Michelin Guide naming the Hermitage a particularly “pleasant” hotel.


Combining a creative modern cuisine with Mediterranean tradition (and therefore flavor, simplicity and freshness) is the philosophy of the restaurant and its chef. The quest was born out of the past experiences of the chef in various locations around Europe and beyond, and continues to this day in the kitchen, balancing flavors and aromas in harmony with each other and with the territory in which they are served. Respect for the quality and origin of the ingredients and the exaltation of those ingredients is the primary goal.


SEATING: 24 people.

PETS: no.

BUSINESS HOURS: 20:30 onwards (high season only) and lunch 12:30-14:00, but in the hotel’s dining area.

SPECIALTY: ravioli made with buckwheat flour and filled with radicchio, smoked cheese and a drizzle of melted butter and Trentingrana cheese.


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