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Cecilia Maffei, a gold athlete

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Gold and silver in the relay race, a very good season for the local athlete


Cecilia Maffei, short track sprinter, she wins gold and silver medals 


Cecilia Maffei, Italian short track sprinter, is very determined in getting a place in the Olympic games in 2018 in South Korea. This would be her fourth participation in the Olympic games and the basis for a possible success are real: he won a gold medal and a silver medal with her team in the relay race of the European championships in Turin in 2017, the penultimate stage of the World Cup in February.


She is 32 years old, from Pinzolo, a short track champion in the 500 metres, 1000 metres and 1500 metres  disciplines and in the relay race, three past Olympic games with the Italian team, two gold medals in the relay race in the World Cup 2015-2016 and a third place in the European championships. 

Gold ans silver medals in the competitive season 2016-17.

A gold athlete who trying to do her best for the next Olympic games of Sochi: "Each competition gives me a great excitement, but the greatest one is during the opening ceremony of the Olympic games where all the world is there for you!"

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