The legend of the Nambino dragon

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"La fola dal sarpantaz"


la leggenda del drago di nambinoIt is said that the Nambino lake was inhabited by a dragon, hidden in the lake bottom. When no people were around, the dragon was used to come out to gnaw the grass around the lake. But one day an unexpected event occurred. In one time the dragon devoured two sheeps, a veal and even a shepherd. The news, as the fear, spread in the whole Val Rendena quickly. Nobody dared to face the dragon, except two hunters coming from Val di Sole that, because of people promised them a great reward, accepted the challenge. The two hunters reached the lake shores and found the dragon on a stone, with the face hidden between its paws. One hunter shot at the dragon and killed it. Between the dragon’s paws, the hunters found a big egg. So people knew that the dragon had probably killed the shepherd and the animals to protect its egg. After some weeks a feast was celebrated in the church of Madonna di Campiglio: the hunters received their reward, and the found egg was hung up on the church wall with the dragon skin, as a thanksgiving to be let free from the dragon.


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