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Dog trekking: love for animals and passion for hiking together

If you love animals and hiking, dog trekking is a perfect way of experiencing the mountains.

Dog trekking allows you to keep in touch with lovable husky dogs in their natural environment. Athabaska dog trekking school organizes:



Dog trekking

Putted down the winter sleds, in the summer season the Athabaska dogs offer you a nice way for enjoying together: it’s called dog trekking and it consists in walking along the paths of the Trentino woods, attached at the dogs by a dog belt through which he will help you up the hill and will wait you downhill. The dog trekking is a nice open-air activity for families, groups and schools; the youngers will be helped by their parents or our instructors. Th school will choose the dog that fits the most with your personal attitude and specific needs. You can choose a half-day or full-day activity to organize from April to October on reservation (min 5 persons) in San Lorenzo in Banale (TN), Madonna di Campiglio (TN), and new paths will be soon available in Andalo (TN).


Lama trekking

The lama passion has made Athabaska school discovering the fabulous qualities of these animals who offer a fine wool but are also good companions for the trekking. The excursions are organized every day from April to October on reservation (min. 5 persons).


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