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International Ski Mountaineering Federation

Regulation Regarding Registration and Participation in ISMF Competitions

Any change requested by the organizer regarding itineraries or schedule in the following regulation has to be presented to and approved by the ISMF technical team in advance.

NB : All rules and regulations may be subject to modification of the language used, in so much as the context and the content of the rule/regulation will remain unaltered but the English language used within in said rules and regulations may be subject to improvement in terms of grammar and clarity.





2.2.1 World and European Championships Quotas

2.2.2 Continental Championships (excluding European Championships), World Cup and ISMF Series races



2.4.1 World/continental Championships and World/Continental Cups - All categories

2.4.2 ISMF Series


The ISMF Rules and Regulations for international ski mountaineering competitions (for World and Continental championships, World and Continental cups and ISMF Series races) consist of a set of rules for the standardized organisation of ski mountaineering competitions. The purpose of this text is to set out the registration and participation requirements for ISMF competitions. All official ISMF Rules and Regulations are published in English.
This document is the main reference, together with the documents named “Sporting Rules, Rules for Organising ISMF international ski mountaineering competitions, and Ranking Rules”, for setting out the rules and regulations applicable to international competitions.


2.1 Categories
The categories for international competitions are:

  • Cadet: 15 – 16 – 17 years
  • Junior: 18 – 19 – 20 years
  • Senior: 21 years and above
  • Espoir ranking: 21 - 23 years

Cadets and juniors can run in a senior relay.

For the sports season N-1/N, the age taken into account is the age on 31st December of year N.

There cannot be subdivisions in Cadet and Junior categories.

Rules for Team Event competitions:

  • Men's team = team composed of 2 men
  • Women 's team = team composed of 2 women
  • Composition Senior Team = any athlete 18 years old (during the year of the race) or over, (the team is automatically ranked in the senior category, no matter the age of the 2 teammates)
  • Composition Junior Team = Junior athletes only
  • Composition Cadet Team = Cadets athletes only
  • Long Distance Races may be composed of more than 2 members
  • A racer holding a valid ISMF licence who teams up with a racer who does not have an ISMF licence for the current year, is not eligible to receive classification points.
  • The 2 members of the team must have the same nationality and belong to the same federation. All other team composition will be rejected.

2.2 Quotas per country (where applicable)

2.2.1 World and European Championships quotas

Individual races, Sprint and Vertical Race:

  • Senior: 4 M and 4 W
  • Espoir ranking: 3 M and 3 W (total of 7 seniors M and 7 seniors W) 
  • Junior: 4 M and 4 W
  • Cadet: 4 M and 4 W

Team races:

  • Senior: 4 teams M + 4 teams W

Relay races:

  • Senior: 1 team M + 1 team W
  • Youth: 1 team

- In the event that Continental or World Championships should take place at the same time as a World Cup, no quota shall be applied for the World Cup ranking. The start list will follow the World Cup ranking. Ranking of World Championships and Continental Championships will be published with the first races of each country, limited by the quota number.
- The title of World Champion grants a bonus place for the next World Championship. Idem for the title of Continental Champion. If for any reason the competition does not take place, or if there is no ranking, this bonus is applied in the next Championship.

E.g.: a competitor from country X won the individual women's race at the last world championship and a competitor of country Y
finished 2nd. For the world championship, the country X may register five (four + one) women competitors for this race, whereas country
Y (and all other countries) may only register 4 competitors.

2.2.2 Continental Championships (excluding Europe), World cup and ISMF Series races

There are no quotas.

2.3 Licence and documents

Competitors must hold an ISMF INTERNATIONAL LICENCE to participate in ISMF ski mountaineering Championships and World Cup races.
Competitors should contact their national federation to obtain an international licence. Each national federation must send the ISMF licence registration form to ISMF headquarters at least one week before the start of the competition. Both the national federation and the competitor agree to accept and abide by all ISMF rules and regulations (equipment, conduct, anti-doping, etc.).

Each national federation must ensure that its competitors enrolled in Continental Championships and ISMF World Cup Races are:

  • Holders of a public liability insurance and a repatriation assistance policy covering any accidents involving competitors that may arise during journeys to and from the competition and/or during the competition.
  • Holders, if necessary, of an individual accident insurance.
  • Physically fit to take part in ski mountaineering competitions, holders, if necessary, of a medical certificate in compliance with the national regulation.
  • Authorized to take part in competitions. A letter from parents or the legal guardian for young competitors (minors) with respect to the legislation of each country is requested.

For ISMF Series ski mountaineering races it is up to athletes to ensure that they are personally in regulation with national rules concerning participation e.g. medical certificate, national licence etc.
It is not essential to hold an international ISMF licence in order to participate ISMF Series races.

2.4 Athlete Registration

2.4.1 World/Continental Championships and World Cups - all categories

All competitors must be registered by the national federation for World/Continental Championships and World Cups via the ISMF website

The use of the ISMF website for registration is compulsory for all World Cup events and the World/Continental Championships. Registration must be made by the National Federations after having created an account on the Intranet of the ISMF.
For the open races, registration could be made by the athletes or the event organisers via the ISMF website.

National federations can only register athletes of the country they represent (no foreigners). Athletes with dual nationality must choose which nationality they wish to use at the beginning of each season.

Competitors holding an ISMF licence can only participate in team races with team members of their own nationality during ISMF world championships or World Cups.

For every event, a national federation registers its quota of competitors/teams/relays at the time set down by the ISMF stating the names of the competitors, team formation and start order for relays.

For the World/Continental Championships, the national federation makes a global registration before the event. Coaches can then modify their registrations on the eve of the race during a 1h period decided by the ISMF and the LOC before the championships.

An athlete can be replaced until one (1) hour before the start of the race.
The national federation is responsible for giving the sport number to the substitute(s).
The potential substitute(s) will be compulsorily announced at the moment of the registration in the race.

LOC members and ISMF officials cannot participate in a competition which they are officially involved in.

2.4.2 ISMF Series

ISMF Series race organisers have the option to use the ISMF registration system; however when the ISMF system is not used then a list of all enrolled athletes must be sent to the ISMF in excel format. In this case the athletes will register directly via the Local Organising Committee (LOC).


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