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Carisolo, not to be missed...



4. Nardis Falls

The most famous of the Val Genova falls, this 100-meter drop divides the Nardis tributary into two branches. The falls are in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park at the mouth of Val Genova, the glacial valley of the Sarca di Genova river that runs for 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) from Adamello to Presanella.


5. Santo Stefano Church

This quaint church and cemetery is set in an isolated, evocative setting at the mouth of the Val Genova valley. Its architecture is Gothic, but the building also preserves a number of elements of the original Roman structure, such as the mullioned bell tower. Antonio and Simone Baschenis II did the church’s frescos, which depict various famous scenes, such as the “Dance of Death” and the painting of Charlemagne, which shows the legendary passage of this famous emperor through Val Camonica, Val di Sole and Val Rendena.
Open to the public: July-August.

6. Chestnut grove

The ancient chestnut grove in Carisolo dates back to the 1500s and is set in a sunny woodland between the town and the untamed Val Genova. Old-growth chestnut trees, with their twisted trunks and bark that shows the passing of time, rise majestically toward the heavens surrounded by younger trees planted in recent years.


7. Antica Vetreria

A fine example of industrial architecture, this evocative building houses a large part of the molds and other material from the original glass factory founded by Pernici and Bolognini in 1805, which remained in business until 1888. Today, you can relive this 18th century industrial experience at the Antica Vetreria museum of the Maria Pernici Foundation, which displays the collection of glassware produced there, as well as old glass-working tools, documents, photos, and other images of the era.

Info: Antica Vetreria-Maria Pernici Foundation - Tel. 0465 501170 - For audio-guided tours, please make a reservation.

Sports complex with cafè and gelato shop, area of kids, free wi-fi, two clay tennis courts, an indoor court for tennis and five-man soccer, rock-climbing gym, fitness and techno-gym, sports massages, physical therapy treatments, infrared sauna, and applied kinesiology.
Info: Palazzetto dello sport - Tel. 0465 503044


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