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Giustino, not to be missed...



9. Santa Lucia Church

Cited in documents dating back to 1212, this church was reconstructed in the 15th century and was later expanded in both 1592 and 1866. Until 1640, it was the curacy church of Sopracqua, the community of the upper half of Rendena parish, which included the towns of Giustino, Massimeno, Vadaione, Pieve, Baldino and Carisolo. Many frescos have been lost, but the Birth of Jesus and the Death of the Madonna, by Simone Baschenis II, have both survived. Also of note is the magnificent high altar (1530), a masterpiece of Stefano Lamberti, a sculptor from Brescia, and made of carved, gilded wood.


10. Town hall

The Giustino town hall is an excellent example of industrial architecture. Indeed, at various times over the course of many years - from the late 1700s to December 31, 2006 (with the end of feldspar mining at the quarries east of Giustino), Giustino was very much a mining town. The town’s community “home” is in the arrival station for the cable lift used to transport the mined minerals. On the main façade, you can still see the hoppers used to load the raw quartz onto other means of transport.


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