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Javrè and Villa Rendena, not to be missed...





28. Casa Guste

Casa Guste is a rural home from the second half of the 1800s to which the more rustic section facing east was later added. It is the Javrè cultural club “Al Filò dal Lundì”, which has organized an exhibit on the tradition of crocheting, which began in 1907 with the opening of the Habsburg school of crocheting and lace. Crocheted items, documents, sketches and photos show the evolution of style, technique and the yarns used in the various types of lace.
Open to the public: by reservation - Tel. 348 4508136. Casa Guste is also the site of a reading room.


29. Santa Maria Assunta Church

The parish church of Santa Maria Assunta is mentioned in documents as early as the 11th century, but in subsequent years it was reconstructed on a number of occasions, as evidenced by the date 1559 engraved at the main entrance to the church. The bell tower is Romanesque, whereas the form of the current building dates back to the 18th century, although certain details are from previous eras. Elegant stuccoes executed in 1735 decorate the interior. The frescos in the lunettes of the presbytery are by Simone Baschenis II and date back to 1543. Discovered and restored in 1913, these frescos depict the Birth of the Virgin, the Presentation in the Temple, the Annunciation, the Birth of Jesus, the Adoration of the Shepherds, the Adoration of the Magi, and the Crucifixion.




30. Madonna della Misericordia Church and Pafsang park

The Pafsang hills to the west overlooking the town, Pafsang park offers a lovely spot for rest and restoration. Along side there is the unique church of Madonna della Misericordia, which dates back to 1764 and was subsequently expanded in 1830 and 1844. The church features paintings, inscriptions, and an original wooden bell tower. From here you can enjoy the view, to the north, of Javrè, Pelugo and Bocenago and, to the south, of Busa di Tione and the surrounding mountains.

In the area of the bike and foot trail there is an ample rural area featuring several farms that lend a quaint feel to the surrounding landscape.


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