Mortaso, Fisto, Spiazzo and Borzago bike

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Mortaso, Fisto, Spiazzo Rendena and Borzago, not to be missed...



18. Fountains

One of the most characteristic architectural features of Val Rendena towns are their fountains. Most made of granite, some simple and others more intricate, they were once used to wash clothes or even as a source of water for livestock.




19. Fountains

An ancient village with some particularly evocative nooks and crannies, Fisto features as many as 8 fountains from various periods.





20. Museum of the White War of Adamello

“Recuperanti in Rendena. 1914-1918: La guerra bianca adamellina” is the name of the permanent exhibit featuring the bibliographies, documents, over 3,000 photos, and other materials from the Great White War fought on the Adamello-Carè Alto front. The exhibit is also in memory of the men who, during the economic hardship following the war, went back up into the mountains to recover anything that could still be used or sold.


21. San Vigilio Church

Tradition has it that the San Vigilio church was erected on the site where Vigilius of Trent, the bishop of Trento, was martyred during his last trip as a missionary (on June 26, 405 CE). In place of the current high altar, it is said that there was the statue of Saturn that Saint Vigilius knocked down, which led to the tragic reaction of the pagan population. The painting on the façade are by Carlo Donati, a painter from Verona (1923). The current building dates back to 1541 and the bell tower to 1621. The interior is the work of Simone Baschenis II, now an established artist having painted the Dance of Death three years earlier in Pinzolo. In this church in Spiazzo Rendena, he painted a number of Stories of the Virgin, Stories of St. Stephen, and other Marian episodes.




22. Da Togno Court

In the inner courtyard of a house in Borzago, known as “La Cort da Togno”, there are a number of curious paintings by Vigilio Pellizzari Togno (1874-1952) depicting stories, anecdotes, observations and commentary on the passing of time and of the seasons.


The town’s public pool (Tel. 0465 801095).
The sports complex offers facilities for five-man soccer, tennis and volleyball.
The adiacent sports area also has a miniature golf course and a restaurant-café area.


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