3. Santa Maria Antica Church

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Santa Maria Antica Church, Madonna di Campiglio


Santa Maria Antica church is a neo-Gothic Tyrolean mountain church in granite, inaugurated in August 1895. It was built near the previous church (founded in the end of the twelfthcentury, and rebuilt in the last years of the fifteenth century), part of the old hospice and tore down by Franz Joseph Oesterreicher in those years to enlarge the Hotel Des Alpes.Santa Maria Antica Church, Madonna di CampiglioThe Austrian nobility and the Emperor Francesco Giuseppe himself offered the pulpit, the confessional, and the wooden planking of the choir place with the most popular Saints figures, and some colored windows. On one of these windows, there is the Apostle S. Bartolomeo, the other patron saint of this church, who holds the dagger of his martyrdom; on another one, there is the figure of Carlo Magno. On the benches there are the names of the benefactors, written in Ghotic, and on the floor there is the tomb of Franz Joseph Oesterreicher (1848-1909). In the Santa Maria Antica church, there are some important artistic elements: the old crucifix in Nordic style, dating back to the twelfth century, the triptych of the Madonna with Child and the Saints (S. Barbara and S. Caterina) in the middle of the chancel and the wooden sculpture of the Virgin called “Vergine del Fico” of the fourteenth century. There are some episodes of the Virgin life on the altar coming from the old church of the hospice (the oldest altar of this kind in the whole Trentino) and some paintings of religious figures on the opposite wall. During the centuries, many pilgrims addressed to this majestic and kind Virgin Mary, depicted in a generous act of helping a tired pilgrim.

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