The Michelin stars

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Il Gallo Cedrone, a restaurant in Madonna di Campiglio, celebrates its 10-year anniversary

10-year anniversaryJust a few months ago, Il Gallo Cedrone, the restaurant at Hotel Bertelli in Madonna di Campiglio, blew out the candles for its tenth anniversary - ten years of passion, challenges and adventure, as well as of the hard work that earned the restaurant its prestigious Michelin star in 2013. At the time, the kitchen was run by Chef Vinicio Tenni, who, in 2016 after 25 years working with the Masè family, owners of both the hotel and its renowned restaurant, passed the baton to his sous-chef, Sabino Fortunato. A man of great experience, Sabino (38) worked for Hotel Bertelli and Il Gallo Cedrone alongside Vinicio for nine seasons, making him the natural choice to take over the reins. Indeed, in a few short months, he was able to confirm the restaurant’s Michelin star, something that was neither easy nor guaranteed.

Sabino’s guidanceUnder Sabino’s guidance, the menu of Il Gallo Cedrone has maintained its close ties to the mountains, featuring traditional ingredients and an emphasis on local culture to be exalted on the plate, all further enhanced by the vibrant notes of Mediterranean air that Sabino has brought with him from his native Puglia.

Over the years, the restaurant’s cuisine has gradually evolved and become more sophisticated, but without losing sight of its original concept of o ering down-to-earth dishes with joy and enthusiasm. With a limited number of dishes rotating in cycles of just over a week in length, the menu emphasizes local flavors during periods in which the restaurant’s guests are primarily Italian and then o ers up the classics of Italian and international cuisine when foreign diners are more prevalent. Although at times sophisticated in their execution, the restaurant’s dishes never lose sight of the sort of practicality that has made Il Gallo Cedrone a shining example of fine dining in Madonna di Campiglio. And last but not least, there is the irreplaceable maître, Giuseppe Greco, as much a cornerstone of the restaurant as its owner, Marco Masè, both sommeliers and both with a passion for wine, cuisine and hospitality. It was Greco who had the idea for Sapore di Saperi (Taste of Knowledge), a project under which Il Gallo Cedrone has thus far hosted over 400 events.

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The Michelin stars

Stube HermitageThe first Michelin star to shine over fine dining in Madonna di Campiglio came in 2008, when one was granted to Stube Hermitage, the gourmet restaurant of Bio Hotel Hermitage, owned by the Maffei family. Here, dining is like a ritual, a fantastic voyage through color, form, flavor and texture. Earned under the guidance of Neapolitan chef Paolo Cappuccio, the star is now on standby after a couple of changes of the guard at the restaurant, but the high quality of this gourmet dining experience remains to this day under Chef Giovanni d’Alitta. With his cuisine, he seeks not to amaze, but to evoke an emotion and a memory, the memory of all that is good and genuine, with
that touch of the Mediterranean that is an integral part of our Italian heritage.

The DolomieuThe Dolomieu, which earned its Michelin star in 2014, is the à la carte gourmet restaurant led by Chef Enrico Croatti within Tiziano Zambotti’s DV Chalet Boutique Hotel. Every dish here uses only the best ingredients and is prepared with an almost maniacal attention to the cooking process. At Il Dolomieu, each and every dish, from the bread and pasta on through to dessert, is a fresh reinterpretation of a traditional Italian recipe. A sort of modern laboratory of local cuisine, the menu at Il Dolomieu is a tribute to Madonna di Campiglio and to the Brenta Dolomites in a union of mountain avors and aromas.


A UNIQUE SETTINGIl Gallo Cedrone opened its doors on December 1, 2006, after a long, complex design process led by the architect Enrico fogagnolo. A portion of the wood used in the furnishings was provided by Armando Masè, repurposing it after the refurbishing of Casa da Mont Stablel, a home owned that has been in the Masè family since 1838. Of particular value are the main door and the larch- wood shingles used on the roof of the building, which remain in excellent condition despite having witnessed over 200 years of history. The result is an idyllic setting down to the smallest detail, its sophisticated, alpine- chic design and warm elegance making Il Gallo Cedrone one
of Europe’s most beautiful mountain restaurants.


Moët Hennessy Italia has selected Il Gallo Cedrone to be the dépositaire of the Dom Pérignon brand for the Trentino Alto Adige region, one of about 20 Italian restaurants to have earned this honor. Established in 2001, the Dom Pérignon Dépositaires circuit encompasses some of Italy’s best restaurants, all of which share Dom Pérignon’s quest for perfection and excellence. These dépositaires have been made a part of the world of Dom Pérignon, taking part in initiatives designed specially for them by the Champagne house, with the con dence that they will receive the highest levels of service. This bond enables members of the circuit to be the first to receive all related news and information and to have privileged access to all of the Champagne house’s most exclusive labels.

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