Bio-lake in Pinzolo

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Loc. Pineta
38086 Pinzolo

T +39 349 7276195


Bio-lake in Pineta, in Pinzolo

Opening summer 2021

From June 12, every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

PINZOLO, 8 August 2020 – Much more than a lake! A newly built Bio-lake perfectly inserted in the green area of the "Pineta", the multi-service sport and playground area for children in Pinzolo. It is the result of an innovative engineering project that combines technology and environment.

A series of piers, from which it is possible to dive, embellishes the Bio-lake. In the building you will find showers heated by a solar thermal system, changing rooms and the infirmary. Some showers heated directly by sunlight are located around the lake.


The Bio-lake, located in an area of 6 thousand square meters, has a swimming surface of 3,200 square meters. This area also includes a 100 square meter children's pool with a maximum height of 45 centimeters.

The Bio-lake can contain up to little less than 5 thousand cubic meters of water and reaches a maximum height of 3.5 meters. Its main feature is the natural purification of water through the inclusion of specific phyto-purification areas with plants integrated with systems that guarantee clean water through the use of other natural materials including different types of clay. Finally, the last phase of the purification process is guaranteed by ultraviolet rays.

There are multiple water intake points that ensure water recirculation. In addition, the fact that there is no ingoing or outgoing water stream, ensures that the water, that is naturally filtered and purified, is warmer and has a lower bacterial load.

· 6 thousand square meters is the total surface

· 3,200 m2 of bathing area

· 100 m2 children's bathing area

· 3.5 m maximum depth

· Presence of piers from which it is possible to dive

· Showers with hot water, changing rooms, infirmary room

· Sunbeds and lockers

Phytoremediation of water
Purification system with natural and non-chemical materials

Ultraviolet rays for further purification


  • Adult NOT resident in Val Rendena: € 6;
  • Children from 5 to 12 years old NOT resident in Val Rendena: € 3;
  • Adult resident in Val Rendena: € 5;
  • Child up to 12 years living in Val Rendena: free entry;
  • Sunbed: € 7;
  • Locker: € 2.

From June 21 it is possible to purchase the season tickets:

  • 10 tickets for adults NOT resident in Val Rendena: € 50;
  • 10 tickets for children NOT resident in Val Rendena: € 25;
  • 10 tickets for adults residing in Val Rendena: € 40.

Activity managed by Lavoro Società Cooperativa Sociale.


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