Lifts and slopes in real time

Here you will find real-time updates on the runs and lifts that are currently open. 

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Open Open
Closed Closed
Red slope Red slope
Blu slope Blu slope
Black slope Black slope
Route Route
Snowpark Snowpark
Sledding Sledding
Cabinovia Cabinovia
Skilift Skilift
Chairlift Chairlift
Moving walkway Moving walkway

Madonna di Campiglio

Ski lift status

Open Cabinovia Pradalago
Open Cabinovia Fortini NEW
Closed Skilift Larici
Open 4-seat chairlift Zeledria
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Genziana
Open Cabinovia Spinale
Closed 2-seat chairlift Spinale 2
Open 2-seat chairlift Nube d'Argento
Open Covered 6-seat chairlift Nube d'Oro
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Boch
Open Cabinovia Groste' 1
Open Cabinovia Groste' 2
Open Covered 6-seat chairlift Groste'
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Rododendro
Closed 2-seat chairlift Vagliana
Open Cabinovia 5 Laghi
Closed 2-seat chairlift Miramonti
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Patascoss
Closed 4-seat chairlift Pancugolo
Closed Skilift Carlo Magno

Slope status

Open Red slope Genziana
Open Red slope Genziana bassa
Open Red slope Fiocco di neve
Open Blu slope Zeledria
Open Blu slope Pradalago facile
Open Blu slope Belvedere
Open Blu slope Skiweg Campiglio
Open Blu slope Graffer
Open Red slope Lame
Open Blu slope Boch
Open Red slope Spinale diretta
Open Black slope Nube d'oro
Open Black slope Variante Marchi
Open Blu slope Nube d'argento
Open Red slope Fortini
Open Blu slope Skiweg Fortini
Open Blu slope Grotte
Open Blu slope Gendarme
Open Blu slope 5 Laghi
Open Red slope Fis 3-TRE
Closed Snowpark Mini Ursus Snowpark
Closed Red slope Variante Genziana
Closed Blu slope Larici
Closed Red slope Pradalago provetti
Closed Red slope Pradalago diretta
Closed Blu slope Malga Zeledria - Fortini
Closed Black slope Amazzonia
Closed Red slope Corna rossa
Closed Snowpark Ursus Snowpark
Closed Red slope Cima Groste'
Closed Red slope Vagliana
Closed Blu slope Pozza vecia
Closed Black slope Spinale direttissima
Closed Red slope Variante Boch
Closed Blu slope Montagnoli
Closed Black slope 5 laghi - Variante 1
Closed Black slope Canalino 5 Laghi
Closed Red slope Nambino
Closed Black slope Pancugolo
Closed Black slope Miramonti
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Patascoss
Closed Red slope Centenario
Closed Red slope Patascoss
Closed Sledding Pista Slittino Spinale


Ski lift status

Closed Cabinovia Tulot - Malga Cioca
Closed Cabinovia Pinzolo - Pra Rodont
Closed Cabinovia Pra' Rodont - Doss del Sabion
Closed Moving walkway Tapis Roulant Biancaneve
Closed Moving walkway Tapis Roulant - Fiocco di neve
Closed 6-seat chairlift Fossadei - Malga Cioca
Closed 4-seat chairlift Malga Cioca - Zapel
Closed 4-seat chairlift Grual - Zapel
Closed 4-seat chairlift Malga Grual - Doss del Sabion
Closed 4-seat chairlift Grual - Monte Grual
Closed Covered 4-seat chairlift Puza dai Fo' - Monte Grual
Closed Cabinovia Pinzolo Campiglio express I Puza dai Fo-Plaza
Closed Cabinovia Pinzolo Campiglio express II Plaza-Colarin
Closed Cabinovia Pinzolo Campiglio express III Colarin-Patascoss

Slope status

Closed Route Dolomitica Star
Closed Route DoloMitica Tour
Closed Black slope Tulot
Closed Red slope Rododendro
Closed Black slope Competition
Closed Black slope Grual nera
Closed Red slope Grual rossa
Closed Red slope Valagola
Closed Red slope Mandrel
Closed Red slope Cioca 1
Closed Red slope Cioca 2
Closed Blu slope Fossadei
Closed Blu slope Campo scuola
Closed Blu slope Clump
Closed Red slope Brenta
Closed Black slope Variante Rododendro - Cioca 2
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Fossadei - Rododendro
Closed Blu slope Variante Rododendro - Fossadei
Closed Snowpark Brenta Snowpark
Closed Black slope Variante Tulot
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Fossadei - Cioca2
Closed Blu slope Campo primi passi

Folgarida Marilleva

Ski lift status

Open Cabinovia Folgarida
Closed Skilift Malghet Aut 2
Open Cabinovia Marilleva 900
Open 2-seat chairlift Ometto
Open Cabinovia Albare'
Closed Skilift Biancaneve
Closed 3-seat chairlift Marilleva
Closed 4-seat chairlift Doss della Pesa
Closed Skilift Doss della Pesa
Open Cabinovia Belvedere
Open Cabinovia Panciana
Open 4-seat chairlift Sghirlat
Open 3-seat chairlift Mastellina
Open 6-seat chairlift Bassetta
Closed 2-seat chairlift Ottava (solo serale)
Open Cabinovia Daolasa 1
Open Cabinovia Daolasa 2
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Spolverino
Closed 2-seat chairlift Brenzi
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Vigo
Open Covered 4-seat chairlift Malghette
Open Covered 6-seat chairlift Orso Bruno
Open 2-seat chairlift Bamby
Open Skilift Malghet Aut 1

Slope status

Open Red slope Malghette
Open Blu slope Orso Bruno
Open Blu slope Malghet Aut 1-2
Open Blu slope Casina
Open Blu slope Mastellina
Open Blu slope Skiweg Malghet Aut
Open Blu slope Pancianina
Open Blu slope Azzurra
Open Blu slope Sghirlat
Open Red slope Panciana
Open Blu slope Ometto 1
Open Blu slope Belvedere
Open Blu slope Ometto 2
Open Blu slope Bamby
Open Black slope Little Grizzly
Open Red slope Spolverino
Open Black slope Provetti
Open Blu slope Malghetto
Open Blu slope Panoramica
Open Blu slope Delle Rocce
Open Red slope M.Vigo - Marilleva 1400
Closed Snowpark Snowpark Marilleva
Closed Black slope Nera Folgarida
Closed Red slope Busa del Vigo
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Brenzi
Closed Red slope Doss della Pesa
Closed Blu slope Doss della Pesa facile
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Panciana
Closed Black slope Orti
Closed Black slope Nera Marilleva
Closed Blu slope Biancaneve
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Albare'
Closed Blu slope Campo Primi Passi
Closed Red slope Mastellissima
Closed Black slope Stadio Slalom Illuminato
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Orti
Closed Red slope Skiweg Mastellissima
Closed Blu slope Skiweg Malghetto
Closed Red slope Brenzi
Closed Black slope Doss della Pesa - Orti - M1400
Closed Red slope M.Vigo - Mastellissima
Closed Black slope M. Spolverino - Folgarida

Bolbeno ski club

Ski lift status

Closed Skilift Skilift
Closed Skilift Tapis roulant
Closed Skilift Tapis roulant
Closed Skilift Tapis roulant

Slope status

Closed Red slope Pista da sci Bolbeno

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