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The elements of Dolomiti Natural Wellness

The elements that make up Dolomiti Natural Wellness are:

Barefoot Walking

As a human species, we are born walkers: for millions of years we have evolved by walking barefoot in nature thousands of kilometres on all types of terrain - from savannas, to ocean coasts and large mountains - in every season of the year. This is why even today, by taking off our shoes and walking barefoot on the soft path of a forest, in the dew of a meadow or in the fresh waters of a stream, we awaken in our psyche the memory of this long path of evolution, and all this it makes us feel good, because it helps us find a vital connection with the natural environment.

With a gradual approach suitable for anyone and in complete safety, you will experience the many benefits of walking barefoot in nature: from improving microcirculation to benefiting to posture, from developing balance and proprioception (the perception of your body in space), to increasing vitality and energy.

Where to try it: routes n. 3-5-6-7-8

Natural Kneipp

From the mid to late 1800s, the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp developed hydrotherapy practices that are still applied today for the prevention of common cold and as a treatment for heart, circulatory, respiratory and other diseases.

While Kneipp, at the age of 28, dived naked in the Danube even in winter, today we can enjoy the benefits of this therapy in an equally natural but much less traumatic way: walking barefoot in mountain streams. Spending even a few minutes in cold water reduces inflammation, relaxes and reduces stress, and strengthens our immune system.

In an activity led by Andrea Bianchi dedicated to Natural Kneipp you will discover the life-giving energy of water and of the passage from hot to cold, and you will learn some simple techniques for developing internal heat according to the HOT mind® method he devised.

Where to try it: routes n. 3-5-6-7-8

Silence Room

“The essential condition for which we may feel the call of beauty is silence. If we don't have it inside ourselves - if our mind, our body are full of noise - we can't hear that call... The heart calls us but we don't hear it. We don't have time to listen to it.”

Allowing ourselves to be guided by these words of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, Dolomiti Natural Wellness invites us to discover the magic of the Silence Room along its paths: places of absolute tranquility where you can pause in silence to breathe, admire the beauty of nature, meditate or simply detach from everyday life; places of peace and serenity, natural open spaces suitable for Yoga, Sun Salutation and Inner Silence to be carried out freely and at any time of the day.

Where to try it: routes n. 2-3-5-6-7

Tree Hugging: embracing the trees

Tree hugging is a simple and evocative gesture, which gently leads us to a deep contact with Mother Nature: it is practiced by synchronizing our breath with that of the lifeblood, tuning our soul with the ancient one of the Place that surrounds us, learning to observe in absolute silence, and sharing all these values with the people around us.

According to the Native American writer Jamie Sams, “The trees are called Standing People because they are our teachers. They do not walk about like human beings, but they do hold the energy of the Earth and Sky.

Where to try it: routes n. 3-5-6-7-8

Natural Walking

Natural Walking is an easy walk on flat ground that allows constant walking and regular heart rate, with significant benefits for the metabolism, recovery of physical fitness and general well-being. It is particularly suitable for people who are overweight, hyper-sedentary, undergoing cardiovascular rehabilitation, suffering from diabetes or in any case not used to walking. Along the way there are stages where it is possible to do movement and breathing exercises with the help of special panels.

Where to try it: routes n. 2


In addition to the founding Elements that form the basis, along the paths with the Silence Room it is possible to experience other practices that are part of and complete the world of Natural Wellness.

Everyone can perform the proposed exercises and there are no contraindications, being careful, however, not to force any movement that causes irritation and by wearing comfortable clothes that allow wide joint range in order not to hinder one's movements.

We advise you to be guided by the Wellness Trainers who, with their experience and competence, will be able to accompany you and inspire you with the right dose of curiosity and balance in this world!

Barefoot Morning

The basic practice in the HOT mind® internal heat development method devised by Andrea Bianchi: it takes place barefoot on natural ground, preferably at the beginning of the day, and has the purpose of awakening and warming the mind and body. Through bioenergetic grounding we find the deepest sense of our being in a place, and our vital connection with it.

Suitable for everyone, it is a simple but powerful practice to be integrated into one's daily life, providing benefits ranging from the development of inner balance and mindfulness to increasing in vitality and energy.


Having its very ancient origins in India as a practice for realizing one's spirituality, today yoga can be the link between daily life, psychophysical well-being and soul searching.

The benefits of regular daily yoga practice are widely recognized nowadays, and all help us to find a natural balance of our being.

The yoga that has spread and developed in the West over the past two centuries focuses especially on the asanas  (movements and positions of the body that act on the muscles and joints, the spine, blood circulation and internal organs) and pranayama (breath control), but in its original classical version it includes, in addition to these practices, six other stages, and also includes rules of daily conduct and concentration exercises that lead one to states of deep meditation.

If practiced in Nature, yoga positions and exercises give us an even more amplified effect in the sense of the vital energy that they are able to awaken in us.

Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) is a yoga practice consisting of a sequence of 12 positions, performed in a way coordinated with one's breathing.

It can be practiced at all ages, and its completeness in involving the whole body makes it suitable to be done at the beginning of a yoga session. The name of this practice, however, testifies above all to its ancient origin of homage to the sun, considered as a source of energy and consciousness, and even today it is still one of the best exercises to start the day, awakening body and mind.

Practiced in the morning, immersed in Nature and in the sparkling and energetic air, it gives us maximum benefits.

Breathing techniques

Breathing is the most fundamental physiological act for our existence: we can remain without food for even two weeks, and without water for up to ten days, but we cannot survive without air for more than a very short time.

Good breathing provides the blood and our cells with oxygen, the real "fuel" of the metabolic processes that produce energy.

Breathing well is therefore vital, which is why even simple exercises aimed at conscious breathing - have immediate effects and benefits, especially if performed in an environment with pure and energetic air such as in the mountains.

For those wishing to further the experience, yoga is certainly one of the most suitable practices.

Inner silence

All the experiences described so far give us the maximum benefits if practiced in silence: only in this way is it possible to truly connect with Nature and perceive the magic of the place around us.

Take a few minutes to listen to your body and its sensations, the heart and mood of the moment, the mind and the space between your thoughts. It is a seemingly simple practice, in fact every day we are inundated by the noise of everyday life and by the more "invisible" but pervading of our thoughts: being able to detach and listen to ourselves is a great act of self love. Exercising inner silence even for a few minutes will already be a great accomplishment!

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