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Maybe not everyone knows that... find out the curiosities of our valleys

Why you can find some shell fossils at the Grostè area? Where was used to walk the Princess Sissi? What was the so called "calchera"? Where were used to eat the giants of Val Genova?

If you are curious to know the answers to these questions and other more, keep on reading and find out the mysteries and the curiosities that characterize the most hidden charming places of Val Rendena!

"The mountain was the sea..."

In the Grostè area (the so called "Orti della Regina" zone), find out the many stones with fossils, unique remains of the Brenta Dolomites' origin...
You can take the path near the Graffer refuge: it has some short stretches a little exposed, suitable only for the biggest children that while walking could hear the marmots' whistle!

"The stone of Sissi - the Empress area"

The famous Sissi Empress, during her stays in Madonna di Campiglio, was used to walk around the village. She was used to go up to the Spinale mountain, along the Fevri road, and was used to stop on a stone, now the symbol of her past presence. Near this stone, reachable in about 30 minutes walking from the church of Madonna di Campiglio, there are a fountain and a bench to have a wonderful view on Campiglio.

"Calchera" in Campo Carlo Magno

In the Campo Carlo Magno area, along the road to Malga Mondifrà, it is possible to see a typical "calchera", an old furnace to produce lime, recently restored.
In the area there are big meadows to relax yourself or to have a picnic, with the unique panorama of the Brenta Dolomites on one side and the Adamello-Presanella on the other side.
The whole area of Campo Carlo Magno is suitable for having a walk with your children, even with strollers.

Il Castagneto (the old chestnut tree) in Carisolo

The chestnut grove once played a valuable role in the Carisolo economy. It was planted by local residents on communal land, based on privileges of Roman origin that granted full ownership of the tree and the right to harvest its fruits. The trees here gave people wood, tannins and, of course, chestnuts. To this day, the chestnut grove features centuries-old trees in a fantastic array of forms on terraced land supported by circular containment walls.

"Via da le Vide" route – Spiazzo

Via da le Vide is an easy and relaxing path, suitable to everybody; a thematic experiential walk,which invites you to meditate and to the keep in contact with yourself and nature.
The path starts from Borzago, in Spiazzo Rendena, and develops above the village with manysculpture wooden panels on the walls of the houses, dedicated to rurality.

Salagadart - the path of thoughts

The wood is a magic place, where sensations increase: scents, noises, images and thoughts.
The big centuries-old chestnut trees stand out to the sky and seem to see the who is passing, asguards along the road.
Go forward into the hazelnut trees and you will find other more, majestic, with their embracingbarks. Here art and nature merge, roots, trunks, stones and branches take shape and let ourimagination to create its route.

Stay with us, we'll reveal you other curiosities:

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