Spressa delle Giudicarie PDO

Spressa Delle Giudicarie PDO title=

One of the PDO Trentino cheeses is Spressa of Giudicarie.

This PDO cheese is especially characterised by its leanness and ageing.
In fact, it is a cheese with an intense flavour that brings the perfume of fresh grass and mountain flowers to the palate.

Spressa delle Giudicarie PDO is aged from 8 to 12 months. To this day, it is still produced using artisanal methods.


Low-fat cheese
Raw material: cow's milk
Ingredients: milk cultures, rennet, salt
Appearance: compact with a pale straw colour and scattered small to medium sized holes
Shape: cylindrical with a diameter of 30-35 cm, height about 8-11 cm
Weight: varies from 08 to 10 kg
Rind: irregular, elastic
Ageing: young after 3 months, old after 8 months
Flavour: sweet, savoury and distinctive

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