Playgrounds of Val Rendena

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paesi Val Rendena
38080 Val Rendena

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The playgrounds of Val Rendena: welcome children!


Each village of Val Rendena has an equipped playground with pleasant green areas, where the families with children can enjoy themselves outdoor, having a picnic and relaxing themselves. For the biggest children, there are also skateboard and roller skates slopes and barbecue areas.



Where are the playgrounds?

In Madonna di Campiglio

- Playground in the "Conca Verde" area, in the centre of the village, near the little lake. New games for the littlest children and skateboard slope south of the lake.

- Playground near the new schools in Palù area.

- Small playground in Viale Dolomiti di Brenta.


In Pinzolo

- Big playground in the green area "Pineta" that, in summer, has also inflatables, a little merry-go-round and candy floss. There is also the Baby Little Home service.

- Playground in Roma street.

- Children games in Carera square.

- Children games at Prà Rodont (summer opening)

In Carisolo

- Playground along the right bank of the Sarca river: games for the littlest children, basketball and five-a-side football fields, roller-skates slope, cycle track and skateboard slope.

- Playground of the sport arena, in Verdi street.

- Playground at the Bar Sport, at the beginning of Verdi street, near the square.

- Playground in Campiglio street.


In Giustino

Playground in Dolomiti street.


In Massimeno

Playground int he main square of the village.


In Caderzone Terme

- Big playground along the cycle track in "Li Cani" area, with a roller-skates slope

- Playground "Crosetta".


In Bocenago

Playground and Baby Little Home service.


In Strembo

- Playground along the cycle track

- Playground "G. Ducoli".


In Spiazzo Rendena

Playground along the cycle track, near the public swimming pool


In Pelugo

Playground with a little lake in "Le Masere" area. Roller-skates slope .


In Porte di Rendena-Vigo

Playground the "Al Sarca" street.


In Porte di Rendena-Darè

- Playground along the cycle track

- Playground in the village.


In Porte di Rendena-Villa

- Two little playgrounds in the village.

- Playground in the "Pafsang" area.

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