Bouldering in Valle di Daone and the Acroriver

Bouldering In Valle Di Daone And The Acroriver title=

For lovers of bouldering in Trentino, this climbing technique is synonymous with what is now known to all as the Daone boulder.

Rocks and water in Valle di Daone: bouldering and the Acroriver

Daone BoulderAlso known as simply Daone Boulder, this rock formation in Val Daone is a perfect natural climbing gym. Its huge rocks offer boulderers every kind of challenge, with multiple problems of various difficulty levels.

This young, yet increasingly popular discipline sees many climbing enthusiasts gather in Val Daone every year. Furthermore, once you conquer the chosen bouldering problem, you may enjoy a well-deserved rest in one of the various picnic areas scattered through the beautiful meadows of the valley.

Boulder Park - Valle di Daone

Val Daone rocksWith its hundreds of rocks sparsely lying on the ground, Val di Daone is a natural outdoor climbing gym perfect for bouldering, a specific kind of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations without the use of ropes or harnesses. Bouldering is an increasingly popular discipline that sees a growing number of athletes challenge each other to conquer stone giants of various sizes.

over 600 boulders

Daone boulder is the vast natural gym in Valle di Daone. Its imposing boulders attract many fans of the sport, offering thrills and challenges for all bouldering lovers.
Finally, after the day’s activities are done, there are lots of green areas dotted throughout the valley where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest with a delicious picnic.

Boulder Park - Valle di Daone

The Boulder parkHundreds of erratic boulders make Valle di Daone a vast, open-air natural gym and an area beloved by boulderers. Over 600 clean, accessible boulders, true rock giants scattered throughout many parts of the valley, cater to practitioners of the sport at any level.

Signposting, pathways, routes and trails between the boulders with different levels of difficulty make climbing in the Boulder Park safe even for those without much experience outside the gym, for beginners and even for first-timers. The Boulder Park is the ideal place to spend a few wonderful hours in the fresh air: an opportunity to enjoy your free time in complete relaxation, far from the stress of everyday life while taking care of your body and spirit.

For more information: Daone Climbing

Let the spectacle of nature take your breath away from a different perspective.


In the magnificent Valle di Daone, just a little way down from the Malga Boazzo lake, the churning waters of the Chiese river gain strength and power as they rush through a narrow gorge, thundering along the steep granite slabs and plunging dramatically into the Lert waterfall.

The magic of waterThese enchanted woods at the feet of the majestic rocky mountains, where the water surfaces and starts its journey, are the ideal place for lovers of the great outdoors and wild, unspoiled nature. For more adventurous travellers, this magical corner of Valle di Daone can be explored from a new and truly original perspective: the ACRORIVER!

the acroriverThe Acroriver is a fully equipped route just a few metres above the rushing waters, ending in a magical descent along the waterfall with a succession of pulleys on ropes. A specially set-up balcony right above the waterfall offers a breathtaking view, even for the less adventurous.

REMEMBER: specific safety equipment and measures — a helmet, harness, via ferrata kit and wetsuit — are essential to tackle the route and the waterfall descent; therefore, access is only permitted if accompanied by Mountain Guides.

For more info: Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board - Pieve di Bono Infopoint - Tel. +39 0465 901217

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