The San Martino church in the village of Cologna

The San Martino church In The Village Of Cologna title=

The location of the small San Martino church is highly scenic and its recent enhancement has included it in a pleasant trekking route named “Sentiero del Bosco Scolpito”.

The San Martino small church in Cologna

THE SMALL CHURCHThe first remains of a small church date back to 1537. The small church of San Martino is perched on a spur of rock, above the small village of Cologna, from which there is an amazing view over the Chiese Valley. Renovated in 1800, it was partly destroyed by Italian Cannons placed on the overlooking Mount Melino during the First World War.

THE CARVED FOREST TRACKAfter remaining buried under the cover of the forest for almost a century, the small church has recently been restored, enhanced and included in a trekking route called “The Sentiero del Bosco Scolpito” (Sculpted Wood Trail).

A path adorned with wooden sculptures of animals and fantastic subjects, leading to the church and the adjacent recreational area of San Martino, a place where it is possible to relax and refresh under the shade of an enchanting forest.

How to reach San Martino small church

It is possible to reach the small church through a dirt road by foot or by taking a vehicle along the asphalted road, starting in both cases from Cologna (a small hamlet of Pieve di Bono village).

Once there, it is possible to admire the suggestive landscapes such as Lake Idro and the Brenta Dolomites.

Furthermore, with the support of the provincial service “Consorzio Lavoro Ambiente”, a project is being implemented for the construction of a fascinating natural trail, that will have a connection to the Rio Caino etnographic trail.

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