The phantom village

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MEDIEVAL VILLAGEIron is an isolated village, hidden by a dense vegetation that stirs great emotions in those who visit it. In fact, the small medieval village has retained its ancient appearance (it began to depopulate as early as the end of the 15th century) and even today, walking through the quiet streets of Iron, it seems as if time really has stood still.

LEGENDS AND THE PLAGUEIts notoriety is often linked to the numerous stories, legends and old tales that flourished around the terrible plague of Manzoni's memory. The disease did not spare the Trentino valleys or even the small villages of the Giudicarie, even the most remote ones. According to the well-known legend that still fascinates tourists visiting Iron today, in 1630 the village population was almost completely decimated by the plague and only one inhabitant remained alive. Corollary to this legend are many other tales, such as the one about the presence in Iron of the ghosts of the plague victims, who roam around the houses on windy nights...


the village

The village of Cerana rises on a sloping plateau on the steep south-western slopes of Mount Iron, at the confluence of the Manez and Sarca valleys, and dominates the Tione depression and its surrounding mountains from an altitude of 940 metres.The buildings here have not developed around a centre but are scattered along the ridge.


The depopulation of Cerana, unlike Iron, was mainly due to the initially seasonal and later definitive migration of inhabitants to the valley floor. On the one hand, the depopulation phenomenon has now irreparably compromised the civic integrity of Cerana.
On the other hand, it has brought the advantage of maintaining the physiognomy of the small centre almost intact, in which the rustic farmsteads built with granite blocks and wooden beams, left exposed in the balconies and barns with their typical Alpine physiognomy, alternate with vast green areas.

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