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The municipality of Tre Ville was established on 1 January 2016 when the municipalities of Ragoli, Preore and Montagne were merged.

The town sits on the left bank of the river Sarca, at the feet of Monte Irón (1,864 m), and enjoys a particularly mild climate thanks to its south-eastern exposure.

The centre of the village itself is made up of four hamlets: Fèvri, Vic, Bolciana and Baltràm, while Coltura and Péz are the two little settlements that complete the former municipality of Ragoli. These are located on a scree slope outside of the village proper, connected to each other by little pathways and pretty staircases. Palù di Madonna di Campiglio, a tourist centre of international fame, is also part of Ragoli.

In the 19th century, the town of Ragoli was known for its rich black marble caves, from which enormous blocks were quarried and used in the construction of churches, bell towers, altar columns, fountains, etc. Examples can still be found not only at the parish church of S. Faustino (the holy water fonts and side altars), but also in the church of S. Nicolò in Padua and the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

Other important attractions in Ragoli include the paintings by the Baschenis in the chapel of the local cometary, the many wrought iron railings and the iron crosses erected on granite rocks.

Don’t miss out on the villages of Irón and Cerana, which have been uninhabited since 1630 (when the plague wiped out all their inhabitants) and whose urban layout and architecture have remained unchanged to this day.

Ragoli sits at the opening to Val D'Algone, the main point of access to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park from the south-east. It is also the headquarters of the "Regole Spinale e Manéz", the ancient agrarian community — similar to the usi civici tradition of common ownership — which is still in place in the towns of Preore and Montagne, now part of the same municipality.

Partly taken from comunitadellegiudicarie.it

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