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Ancient village with local Rendena rustic architecture. Its solid buildings are dotted with portals and sacred murals. Narrow streets yield scenic glimpses of original granite fountains awash with water.

Nestling on the western slopes of Mount Toff, Bocenago is the Val Rendena village that has the best-preserved examples of original local rural architecture, which is closely linked to the forestry and pastoral economy. The buildings typically have sturdy rectangular masonry basements containing the hearth and stable structures, with light wooden structures erected on top.

The portals are almost always in granite and the broad façades have balcony features. In the centre of the village is the uniquely designed fountain consisting of two large stone structures – one of granite symbolising the Adamello and one of dolomite with reference to the Brenta Dolomites. Walking through the village, you can breathe the atmosphere of times past and appreciate the local people’s desire to preserve their rich history and its traditions and culture, integrating it with the forward march of time.

This is one of the most beautiful panoramic points of the valley and is visible from almost all of the Rendena area.

Points of interest

SANTA MARGHERITA PARISH CHURCHThe origins of the church are very ancient, and its current shape is nothing else than a long sequence of edits and extension applicated on the original one, aiming to change the orientation, starting by a first building much more smaller by 1345.
Does not occur until 1523 a second extension of the church and shortly after, in 1765 a third extension, in which sacristy and presbitery were added. Going into the church, what brings to attention are the frescoes by the Veneto region artist Valentino Pupin and of Johann Matthias Peskoller. Furthermore, by 2002, a large painting (1,92 m x 1,48 m) depicting the “Lamentation over the Deposed Christ” has been on the right altar.

THE PAINTING “COMPIANTO SU CRISTO DEPOSTO”It is a really ancient work, maybe dating to the 16th century, which would make it one of the first examples of paintings on canvas in Rendena Valley. It is very likely that it arrived in Bocenago during the second half of ‘800, later on the soppression of the cloisters. Over time it underwent various restaurations.

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