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The "San Vili" Pathway: a long route from Trento to Madonna di Campiglio


The San Vili Pathway ("Il Sentiero di San Vigilio" or di "San Vili") is a long route opened in 1988 by the S.A.T. (Tridentine Alpinists Society) going from Trento to Madonna di Campiglio with an extension of a total of more than one hundred kilometres.

This route is divided into six legs, each of which is a complete excursion in itself.


The name "San Vili" means San Vigilio in the ancient language of the Trentino folk and in fact the pathway follows the footsteps of the route the Saint had pioneered. St. Vigilio was the first saint to face the pathways and mountain trails in 400 A.D. during his evangelisation work. St. Vigilio is a very well known personage in the Trentino-South Tyrol area that indeed has many churches and chapels dedicated to him. First among them, the Trento Cathedral built over a pre-existing temple where the saint was buried.



The "San Vili" legs


1. Vela - Laghi Lamar - Covelo

Departure from Trento-Vela ("San Vili path" – nr  627); reach Soprassasso (m. 840), the Lamar lakes (m. 740), Covelo, Ciago and Maso Rualt (m. 930) on  Monte Gazza; the first stage is Margone at 950 m

About 5 hours

This stage is hard: somebody start from Monte Terlago of from Ciago, respectively at about 4 or 3 hours.


Altitude: Vela m 195, Soprasasso m 840, Lamar lakes  m 714, Prada m 800 circa, Monte Terlago m 695

Height difference: from Vela to  Monte Terlago about m 750

Stops: “Ai tre faggi” restaurant at  Lamar lakes m 714, public places at Monte Terlago m 695, “Lago di Lamar” campsite - Monte Terlago

Time: Vela-Lamar lakes at about  3,30 hours,  Lamar lakes-Covelo at about 1 hour

Photo: Trento, the Soprasasso and the Lamar lakes, linked by the first part of the San Vili path,, seen by the  Paganella


2. Covelo - Moline (S. Lorenzo in Banale)

Departure for Ranzo (m. 740): fascinating little church between Val dei Laghi and Giudicarie, with a plate that shows the tradition of the passing of  Vigilio remains; going along the mountain, above the  Sarca gorges, till Deggia, with the Marian sanctuary  and the plate to "Vigilio Viator"; then going up to S. Lorenzo in Banale, Tavodo and Stenico

About 5/6 hours

Ranzo is also reachable starting from the  Toblino castle, along the valley of Rio Ranzo.


Altitude: Monte Terlago m 695, Covelo m 585, Ciago m 573, Maso Rualt m 930, Margone m 950, Ranzo m740, Deggia m 650, Moline m 540

Height difference: m 400 totally

Stops: all bars and inns of the villages along the path, with possibility of overnight stay in Ranzo. Leaving the itinerary, you can reach S. Lorenzo in Banale along about 2 km (30 km from Moline) where there are all the services, the overnight stay and the public transport.

Time: Monte Terlago-Ranzo at about  3 hours, Ranzo-Moline at about  2 hours

Photo: along the itinerary from Deggia to S. Lorenzo in Banale, Madonna di Caravaggio sanctuary


3. Moline (S. Lorenzo in Banale) - Irone (Airone)

Departure for  Iron (m. 871), the village inhabited in the Middle Ages, then become depopulated because of  the palgue in 1630

At about 5 hours


Altitude: Moline m 540, valley fissure of the Ambiez river m 500, Tavodo m 601, Stenico m 668, Iron m 871

Height difference: m 300

Stops: in S. Lorenzo - overnight stay and rest stops; bus service to Trento: in the morning at 7 am / in the afternoon at 1 pm. In Tavodo: bus service. In Stenico: hotels and bus service

Time: Moline-Tavodo about 1-1,30 hours, Tavodo-Stenico (Sclemo-Seo way) about 1,30 hours, Stenico-Ponte di Lisan about 1-1,30 hours.

 Photo: the castle of  Stenico, "entrance" of the Giudicarie


4. Irone (Airone) - Passo Daone (Prà de l'Asen)

Going up to Montagne and  Daone Pass (m. 1.300): some houses, a little altar- church on the "Prà de l'Asen" and the Durmon refuge. 

About 6 hours


Altitude: Iron m 871, Bolzana m 570, Grotta m 958, Prà de l’Asen about  m 1300

Height difference: m 800

Stops: typical restaurant  at Daone Pass  (Prà de l’Asen), bus service in Ragoli and  Montagne

Time: from Ponte del Lisan to Iron 0,30 hour. From Iron to Daone Pass (Prà de l’Asen): 6 hours totally

Photo: the Sarca river in Val Rendena and the San Valentino valley


5. Passo Daone - Pinzolo

Going down to Val Rendena along the path towards Casarole; from the bridge of  Vigo go up to the valley till Fisto, cross the river and reach Spiazzo Rendena (m. 650) and  S. Vigilio area , risen on the place that the tradition believes was the area of the Saint’s (see the ruins of the little paleo-Christian church, the walnut pulpit and the painting of Vigilio life by G. M. Pezcoller)

Additional stage: coming back to the left of the Sarca river, to reach Bocenago, Caderzone and Pinzolo (cemeterial church of  S. Vigilio, with the  S. Baschenis  frescoes: inside the story of  Vigilio, outside the famous "Danza Macabra")

About 5/6 hours


Altitude: Vigo Rendena m 610, Fisto m 660, Caderzone m 715, Pinzolo m 780

Height difference: m 200

Stops: villages of  Casarole, Vigo Rendena, Pelugo, Ches, Fisto, Bocenago, Caderzone

Time: from Daone Pass to Fisto about 1,30 hours. From Fisto to Pinzolo about 2,30 hours

Photo: the ancient  pastoral sanctuary  of S. Antonio in Pelugo, frescoed by Baschenis (Fifteenth century) at the entrance of Val di Borzago, towards Carè Alto


6. Pinzolo - Madonna di Campiglio

Departure for Madonna di Campiglio (m. 1.550) with the wonderful landscape and  the Our Lady of the Assumption sanctuary, the main diocese of Trento from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth centuries

About 2 hours

Altitude: Carisolo m 810, Madonna di Campiglio m 1522

Height difference: m 700

Stops: Carisolo, S. Antonio di Mavignola, Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio

Time: Km 16 – 5 hours

Photo: Rendena, a green island between the Brenta Dolomites and  the Adamello glacier


All infos on:


September 1988, Supplemento al "Bollettino della SAT",

nr  2, year LI, where the itinerary has been described and illustrated  accurately


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