Sarca River Park

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Protected area of Trentino: Sarca River Park

Among the Networks of Reserves in Trentino, the Sarca River Park is the largest.

FINANCING BODIES AND SIGNATORIES OF THE AGREEMENTIts funding bodies are: BIM Sarca Mincio Garda, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the three Communities of Valle dei Laghi and Giudicarie and Alto Garda e Ledro.

The signatories of the programme agreement are 27 municipalities (for a total of more than 81,000 inhabitants) and 16 Asucs (administrations of civic property).

ITS ORIGINSThe Park was born in 2020 by the merger of the two Networks of Reserves already operating in the management of protected areas in direct ecological relation with the river:

  • the “Sarca-Basso Corso Reserve Network”, activated in 2012 with the approval of the Programme Agreement (Provincial Council resolution no. 2043 of 28 September 2012);
  • the “Sarca – Alto e medio corso Reserve Network”, activated in 2013 with the approval of the Programme Agreement (Resolution of the Provincial Council no. 2192 of 17 October 2013).

A river between glacier and olive tree

GOALSThe two Networks of Reserves of the Sarca river basin, shared important general objectives: the conservation, upgrading and valorisation of the natural environments of the protected areas, together with the Flora and the Fauna that populate them; the improvement of the chemical-physical quality of the water and a sustainable devlopment linked to the tourist, economic and social activities of the area.

In the name of these common intentions, a collective and shared path has been set in motion aimed at defining a Unitary Management Plan for the Sarca River Reserve Networks, in order to valorise the synergies already existing in the management of the river and the ecological areas connected to it, and to obtain the name of Sarca River Park, formally achieved in November 2020.

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