The Case del Parco Visitor Centres

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Learn about the Adamello Brenta Nature Park

Take a virtual voyage of the senses through the Adamello Brenta Nature Park to discover the variety of nature here and to heighten your enjoyment and appreciation of the park’s true, green heart.

Learning centers are located throughout the park, providing visitors with a broad range of information on the park and its various services. Just pick the topic of greatest interest to you:

  • the park’s flora
  • the secrets of Tovel Lakethe variety of its fauna
  • the allure of the bear
  • local culture
  • the park's geological wonders
  • aquatic life

and then visit the learning center best suited to satisfying your curiosities. Buon viaggio!

Casa del Parco "Geopark"

This center is dedicated to the amazing geology that makes the Adamello Brenta Nature Park unique and which helped the park qualify for the Global Geopark Network in 2008.
Information, educational activities, models, interactive experiments, and multimedia kiosks dedicated to topics including:

  • rocks
  • glaciers
  • aquatic habitats
  • biodiversity
Where: Vicolo Cavallotti, 20, Carisolo (TN)
Contacts: +39 0465 503053 | 

Casa del Parco "Acqua Life"

Acqua Life is the learning center dedicated to the aquatic fauna found within the park.
Information, videos, touchscreen kiosks, simple video games, and educational materials and activities dedicated to:

  • aquatic habitats in the park
  • underwater life in the mountain lakes and streams
  • marble trout reproduction and repopulation
Where: Via Chiesa Nuova, 2/4, Bocenago (TN)
Contacts: +39 0465 806666 |

Casa del Parco "Flora"

At the Flora learning center, discover the importance of water and the wonders of plant life.
Information and educational activities dedicated to:

  • indigenous plants
  • flowers and colors
  • a slice of history and Stenico Castle
  • the open-air botanical tour
  • Rio Bianco Falls and the gorge
Where: Loc, Stenico (TN)
Contacts: +39 0465 702579 |

Casa del Parco "Lago rosso" (Red Lake)

The Lago Rosso learning center is dedicated to this extraordinary lake, which was actually red until 1964.
Information and educational activities dedicated to:

  • the mysteries of the lake
  • the reddening of its waters
  • the fauna of Val di Tovel
  • man and our relationship with nature
Where: Loc, Tovel (TN)
Contacts: +39 0463 451033|

Casa del Parco "Fauna"

The Fauna learning center is dedicated to discovering the exceptional wealth of fauna in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
Areas dedicated to:

  • the park’s geography and variety of its habitats
  • aquatic habitats
  • the animals that live in the various types of forest
  • the animals that venture up to the tranquil climes where rocks and glaciers reign
  • man and our relationship with nature
  • the songs and sounds of nature
Where: Loc, Pracul-limes-vermongoi (TN)
Contacts: +39 0465 806666 |

Casa del Parco "Orso" (Bear)

The Orso learning center is a museum dedicated to the brown bear, symbol of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.
Educational activities, multimedia kiosks, video content, and life-size reconstructions dedicated to:

  • the bear park
  • tracking bears
  • a bear's life
  • in the bear’s den
  • from the legend to the stars
  • stories of men and bears
  • the Life Ursus project
Where: Via Alt Spaur, Spormaggiore (TN)
Contacts: +39 0461 653622 |

Casa del Parco "C'era una volta" (Once upon a time)

The C’era una volta learning center is a permanent exhibit of local culture and the history of mountain civilization.
Information and educational activities dedicated to:

  • mountain traditions
  • rural architecture
  • the tales of “Casa Osei”
Where: Frazione Prato, San Lorenzo Dorsino (TN)
Contacts: +39 0465 734040 |

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