Trekking and excursions in the Giudicarie

Trekking And Excursions In The Giudicarie title=

The Giudicarie Centrali are filled with hiking and walking routes, as well as trails for trekking lovers. A diverse range of routes that climb up the surrounding mountains to offer panoramic views of all the glimpses of the valley. 

Trekking and walking in the Giudicarie Centrali

One common denominator is shared by all these routes: nature. The green meadows and woods, the crystal-clear lakes and streams, and the riotously coloured plants and flowers make even the simplest walk an unforgettable opportunity to relax and rediscover the environment that surrounds us.

1. The lakes of Valbona

Among the southernmost reaches of the Brenta group, a glorious natural amphitheatre of mountain peaks and plant life is mirrored in two turquoise gems. The lakes of Valbona have the typical round form of glacial lakes. The trail is well marked throughout and presents no difficulties. Various points scattered along the route offer respite and a chance to break up the journey, transforming it into a delightful “initiation” into mountain life, filled with fascinating encounters with the native flora of the Alps and stunning views of the Brenta Group.
Itinerary: from Tione, follow the paved road that leads to Zeller (1,378 m), where you can leave your car. Continue along the forest road that leads to Malga Cengledino (1,667 m). From here, the trail signposted SAT 225 will take you to the “Bait dei Cacciatori” hut and then on to the lakes of Valbona.
Altitude changes: Zeller 1,378 m - Malga Cengledino 1,667 m - Lakes of Valbona 2,135 m - Total 757 m.
Time required: getting from the former Rifugio Zeller to the lakes takes 2 hours 30 minutes.

2. Val di Manez - Malga Movlina

This excursion brings visitors to two stunning valleys located within the Adamello Brenta Nature Park: Val Manez and Val D’Algone. From Larzana (Montagne), head towards Binio and into Valle di Manez. Shortly afterwards, you will have to leave your car behind as vehicles are not permitted to enter the valley. Continue along a pathway as far as Prevere, after which you will come to a crossroads in around 30 minutes. Continue along the “Stradina delle Malghette” pathway (signposted SAT 350). Now, the trail levels out to offer breath-taking views of Val Rendena below. You will shortly reach Malga Serli (1,668 m) and Malga Stablei. Once past Malga Stablei, follow a white trail to climb up along Val d’Algone until you get to Malga Movlina (1746 m). Time required: 2 hours 30 minutes.

3. Ascent to Cima Durmont

Whether it’s down to the love and devotion that Montagne’s inhabitants have for this peak, or because of the incredible landscape that can be admired up there, treks to Cima Durmont are without doubt a firm favourite with both locals and tourists around Montagne. The route itself is not very long, but the altitude change between the starting point (Passo Daone, at 1,300 m) and the destination (Cima Durmont, at 1,886 m) makes the journey fairly challenging. Start out from Passo Daone, at the Capanna Durmont hotel, and take the path that climbs laboriously northwards, towards the wood. Follow the signposts as far as Stavel and keep going, sometimes at considerable effort, to reach the great wooden cross standing on the peak of Cima Durmont. Time required: 1 hour 30 minutes approx. just for the climb.

4. Passo Durone - Malga Stabio - Cima Sera

This easy excursion offers a panoramic view of all south-western Trentino, from the glaciers of Adamello and Presanella to the Brenta Dolomites and the Trentino Prealps. Setting out from Passo Durone (1,000 m), which can be reached by car from Tione, you will take a dirt track that skirts the restaurant, staying on it for 200 metres. From here, a trail to the left takes you as far as Malga Stabio. The Malga is situated in a splendid grassy basin, which is now used for cows to graze in the summer. Leaving the Malga behind, you will follow a path that leads first to the gap between Monte Cima Sera and Monte Frisec, before twisting to the left along the ridge of the mountain as far as the Cima Sera peak (1,909 m). Altitude changes: Passo Durone 1,000 m, Cima Sera 1,909 m. Time required for the climb: approx. 3 hours.

5. Passo del Frate

This route takes tourists to sites of both botanic and historic interest (it features ancient fortresses from the first world war). Leaving Breguzzo by car, you will arrive at Malga d’Arnò (1,550 m). Continue on foot along the “Sentiero della Pace” trail, then follow the signposts to Malga Magiassone (1,700 m) and the Passo del Frate (2,240 m). Return via the same route. The outward journey is around 4 km long. Time required: 4 hours 30 minutes overall.

6. Malga Trivena

This itinerary presents moderate difficulty, and can be tackled during both summer and winter. The route winds its way through the woods, where nature with its wild beauty still intact offers travellers immense peace and silence, interrupted only by the rushing sound of water from the Arnò river. After parking the car in Ponte Pianone, continue along the dirt road that leads to Malga Trivena (1,650 m) in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Return via the same route. Time required: 2 hours overall.

7. The Giro della Cravatta route

From the car park in Casina Nuova, turn left along the dirt road. In around twenty minutes, you will arrive at the Cascate della Cravatta: a waterfall almost 60 m high, so named because the water tumbling down the rocks gives it the appearance of a cravat or necktie. Stay going along the path to arrive at Malga Magiassone. Here, you will find a crossroads where you can either turn left, to reach the Passo del Frate in around 1 hour and 30 minutes, or keep right to arrive in Campel in around 30 minutes. Return via the same route.

8. Val di Breguzzo

From Tione, take state highway “SS239 del Caffaro” towards Storo as far as the village of Breguzzo, where you will turn right and enter Val Breguzzo. Those arriving from Brescia will travel in the direction of Tione and turn to the left. The paved road leads into the valley as far as Rifugio Pont’Arnò (1,102 m); keep going as far as Malga Stablei, where a dirt track begins towards Malga Trivena (1,630 m). On the left, a path leads away from Rifugio Pont’Arnò and climbs towards Malga d’Arnò (1,558 m) and Malga Maggiasone (1,964 m). Between Breguzzo (800 m) and Cima Cop di Casa (2,965 m), it is possible to see all the different vegetation belts with the respective plants associated with them. The coppices and broadleaf woods of the lower valley give way to spruce and larch forests further up, before turning into Alpine pasture. Notable among the most common animal species are chamois, which live in herds — some quite large — throughout the peaks that encircle the upper valley, while roe deer dwell in the woods of the valley. Rodents include squirrels and marmots, and it is even possible to catch a glimpse of the golden eagle in the skies above Val Breguzzo.

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