Bondo turnip

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"Rapy", the Bondo turnip

the featuresBondo turnip has the shape of a cone with the tip downwards, and a cylinder on top. The upper part, with pea-green leaves, has a diameter varying between 8 and 14 cm while the length is between 10 and 18 cm. The light green colouring at the top fades into violet and then into white. The production area of the Bondo turnip is limited by the perimeter of the Municipality of Bondo, while the sour turnip is prepared in the Municipality of Roncone, in the locality "Polina".


ideal matchBondo's turnip goes well with fatty meats, cheeses, cold cuts and also in salads. The best tasting turnips are those of medium size rather tan big ones.

conservation and ownershipThe turnip is harvested with its leaves, it is kept in dark and cool rooms, with constant temperature and humidity, and it is rich in iron, folic acid, copper, zinc and vitamins. The typical production area is Bondo, in the Valle del Chiese. This type of turnip could disappear because it is considered a poor product, without any commercial potential.

"RAPY" the traditional brand of the Bondo turnip

"Rapy"In the past, turnips were an important food for those who lived off the produce of the land, as they were stored during the colder months as a food reserve. Today, past and present meet in "Rapy", a modern and attractive brand and name for the traditional turnip of Bondo, at its revival after decades of oblivion.

exclusively from the seed of bondo"Rapy" is cultivated for economic purpose, but also as a cultural value. In fact, this vegetable of the poor has been saved thanks to the tenacity of some farmers who, sowing exclusively Bondo's seed, have never stopped cultivating it, protecting its uniqueness. This traditional product is sown in July and harvested in October. It is good that the turnip gets the first frosts so it softens and preserves better in winter.

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