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Situated in the western Toff mountainsides, Bocenago is the village that has kept the typical rural architecture of the buildings more than the others; it is very particular and linked to the forestry-pastoral economy. The buildings are made of large rectangular brick basements, where in the past there were the fireplace and the cattle shed, surmounted by light wooden structures. The portals are in granite and there are peculiar balconies in the wide walls. In the center of the village there is an original fountain composed by two big rocks, one in granite to symbolize the Adamello and the other one in dolomite to symbolize the Brenta Dolomites. Walking in the village you can live the atmosphere of that time and see the will of the inhabitants to remind the past rich in history, tradition and culture, combined with modernity.



1. St. Margherita church

Located in a wide panoramic square, this church has a St. Andrea cross-shaped plant. It is documented from 1427, and during the centuries it has been subject to many reworking actions and enlargements. In 1922 the bells were inaugurated, and they are still considered the most harmonic ones of the valley.
The facade has red and black marble jambs, that supported the side doors, and there are iron figures in the entrance of the cemetery and of the panoramic terrace. Inside there are some important frescos and the “Compianto sul Cristo deposto”, one of the first examples of painting on canvas in Trentino.

2. “Préda dai mòrc”

plate It is a late in memory of the pestilence of 1630, that destroyed the hamlets of Canisaga e Varcè. For this reason, the wide woods of these villages were handed over to Bocenago.


 3. “Crau” plate (Rendena committee against uranium)

Plate in memory of the popular movement against uranium, found on the mountains around the village.



4. “Come Eravamo” gallery

It is a permanent exhibition of old works and costumes of that time. It was created in 1986 to make the past live again for one day. Even today the whole village changes itself and set itself in the past: in the squares people can live the ancient atmosphere of that time and see the traditional old works.

5. Laborartory of old works


6. Baitot dal Ferucio

This little house is placed in “Giardin” area, where till the Fourthies there was a guard who from the window of this house guarded the village and the whole valley during the night, warning of possible fires.


7. Golf Club Val Rendena

It covers 250.000 sq. m. in Caderzone Terme, Strembo and Bocenago villages, along different height differences, near rivers and little lakes, fairways and wide greens. It is composed by 9 holes - 35 par, with a driving range, a putting green, a pitchin green; its club house proposes a restaurant, a pro shop and a solarium.


8. Capital

9. War memorial

10. Don Feliziano capital

11. Frescos

12. Fountains and washboards



13. Masanèl waterfall



14. Brogn su Briu



Torta di Fregolotti

- 500 gr of white flour

- 400 gr of butter

- 300 gr of refined sugar

- 300 gr of almonds or walnuts

- half lemon juice

- grappa

- fine dry breadcrumbs

- 1 sachet of baking powder
Parboil in water the almonds, wash and finely chop them. Butter a baking pan of 24 cm in diameter and spread on the fine dry breadcrums. Mix the flour, the sugar, the grated lemon peel and half lemon juice, the chopped almonds and the baking powder; add the butter cutted into soft pieces and knead all the ingredients, pouring two grappa spoons. At the end, the mixture won’t be compact but crumbled; put these crumbs in the baking pan, shaping an irregular layer. Put the pan in the oven at 180° for about 1 hour.



Ingredients for 4 persons
- 6/7 hard breads

- 2 glasses of milk

- 2 “lucaniche” (typical sausages)

- 100 gr of rolled bacon

- 100 gr of grated Grana cheese

- 2 eggs

- 3 spoons of flour

- salt, pepper, parsley and half clove of garlic
Cut the bread into pieces, put them into a tureen, dip with tepid milk and leave them for one hour. Crumble all, add the sausages and the bacon broken into pieces, 2 eggs, the Grana cheese, 2 spoons of parsley, half clove of chopped garlic and 3 spoons of flour. Mix all well; shape small balls of 5-6 cm in diameter, put them in hot stock and boil them till they come up (about 10-15 minutes). Alternatively, the canederli can be boiled in hot salted water and dress with melted butter, sage and grated Grana cheese.


You can find Bocenago "Family route" map at Val Rendena town halls, Pro Loco tourist offices and Tourist Board offices



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