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THE EVENT The event invites you to relive the rural roots of the local population, which for long centuries, before the boom in tourism, saw animal husbandry as one of the very few possible means of subsistence on a territory as difficult
as admirable as the Rendena mountains.
In Val Rendena alone today there are about 1500 head of cattle of the Rendena breed, most of which are driven, during the summer, to the numerous alpine pastures scattered throughout the area.

EDITION The success of the event "Rendena Breed Heifers. Sfilatae...dintorni', now in its fifteenth edition at the end of the summer (for more than 60 years the event was concentrated in the market exhibition organised for St. Michael's Day, 29 September), lies in the event's ability to enhance and exalt multiple aspects of the territory's identity.

THE QUEENE The annual election of the "Queen of Pinzolo", i.e. the best heifer chosen by an expert judge from among the over 150 candidates that participate in the competition each year, perpetuates the rural identity of the Rendenese population over time.
customs, with the heifer parade proudly shows its guests the best of what our tradition has managed to carry on until today.

THE TERRITORY All guests flock to and appreciate this event, finding it an opportunity to get to know and come into contact with the true identity of the territory. Despite the crisis of the entire national and European zootechnical system, the Rendena people want to defend and safeguard their autochthonous breed; in fact, the existence and continuity of the farms as well as the maintenance of the territory's natural balance is linked to it, as well as the history of the Valley.

Scheduled events

Giovenche Di Razza Rendena top event
From August 23 to September 7, 2024

Giovenche di razza Rendena

End-of-summer event dedicated to rural traditions and Rendena breed cows.

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