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The municipality of Borgo Làres was established on 1 January 2016 by the merger of the municipalities of Bolbeno and Zuclo.

Thanks to its 570-metre altitude, the village enjoys an almost complete panoramic view of the “Busa di Tione”, a typically rustic plain at the confluence of the Arnò and Sarca rivers. Equally magnificent are the verdant slopes of the mountains on the other side, extending up to the white “vedrette” of Carè Alto. Experts say that Bolbeno’s location in relation to the Adamello glaciers means that its climatic position is virtually identical to that of Madonna di Campiglio.

Bolbeno is distinctive for its symmetrical streets, prominent entrance halls, vegetable gardens, squares, fountains. Its well-made rustic-style houses feature balconies, double-pitched roofs, entrance halls, portals and wooden gables.

Historians date the ancient village back to Roman imperial times (numerous Roman coins have been found), estimated to be around 50 AD, while more certain documentation is dated at 925 AD. The existence of a first location, further upstream from the “Bolbenum” settlement, would seem to be confirmed by the “Strada Romana” that ran from the Val del Chiese, via the Bondo and Breguzzo pass (on the right of the Arnò river), through Bolbenum - Zuculum et Zuzandum, before continuing on down through the “Doronum” and into the Bleggio and Lomaso valleys.

However, the “vicus Bolbeni” is referred to in the “Testament of the Bishop of Verona - Nokterio” (927 A.D.) where mention is made of the Scaligero Chapter in the areas of Bolbeno-Bondo and Breguzzo. Although the first upstream nucleus known as “Palvenum” is no more than a distant memory, we can, however, assume that the “vicus Bolbeni” corresponds to the present-day village centre.

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