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The municipality of Sella Giudicarie was established on 1 January 2016 by the merger of the municipalities of Bondo, Breguzzo, Lardaro and Roncone.

Breguzzo is a winsome village set in a latticework of meadows and rolling fields, set between the Valle del Chiese and the Valle del Sarca, at the foot of Mount Cengledino. The landscape is pleasantly alpine and its 800 metre-average altitude and wonderfully cool and dry alpine climate make it a particularly suitable destination for senior visitors.

But the younger tourist will also find an ample range of sports equipment (tennis, football, rock climbing) and plenty of opportunities for interesting walks to discover the still pristine natural environment surrounding the village.

In recent years, the traditional wooden handicraft industry has been flanked by a rapidly-growing tourism sector. The nineteenth-century parish church of Sant’Andrea contains an altarpiece attributed to Palma il Giovane.

The origin of the name Breguzzo is very complex. In fact, the toponym has assumed different forms over time (Bregunzio 927 - Burgusio 1193 - Breguzzo 1667). The multiplicity of forms derives from the presence of two strands: Celtic, dating back to the Cenomanian Gauls, and Longobard. There is also a legend that Breguzzo was founded by a coalman who wore very loose trousers, or 'bragaze'. The ancient road that connected Bresciano with western Trentino passed through Breguzzo.

From the village, a carriage road (km 11) climbs up the Valle di Breguzzo, a picturesque valley, included in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, surrounded by fertile meadows, furrowed across its entire width by the Arnò stream and closed to the north-west by mountains reaching 3000 metres in altitude. It is a very interesting protected area from both a geological and a naturalistic point of view. Hikers can find refreshment at refuges and mountain huts.

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