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The municipality of Valdaone was established on 1 January 2015 when the municipalities of Bersone, Daone and Praso were merged.

Praso sits along the road that leads into Valle di Daone. The parish church of S. Pietro lies on the eastern edge of the village, with a large piazza in front of it and a view of the Pieve di Bono basin; of medieval origins, it was rebuilt in the 17th century in baroque style.

SEVRÓR AND THE CHURCH OF SAN ROCCOFrom Praso, a path through the fields leads to the semi-abandoned settlement of Sevrór (786 m) beneath the castle. The church of S. Rocco stands on a green hillock: earliest references to it date back to 1530, though it was renovated in the 18th century. It has a baroque façade and a little bell tower holding a bell. The altar boasts an artisanal altarpiece showing Saints Rocco and Sebastiano with the Madonna and Child, the work of a certain Faletti (1851). The presbytery dome is adorned with 18th-century frescoes between elegant stucco plasterwork.
The village itself consists of a handful of houses that provide a perfect example of architecture in the lower Giudicarie: stone bases, granite doorways, wrought iron gratings, doors with wooden superstructures and double-pitched roofs covered in “scàndole”, or shingles.

Sevrór was spared the ravages of the first world war, while other villages in the valley were practically destroyed and later rebuilt in the Italian style of full brickwork and roofs with four slopes.

The nearby forests were used by people who came from elsewhere to work as charcoal burners, who also founded Merlino. The few houses that make up the settlement have preserved the typical architectural features of Valle del Chiese.

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