Fishing in the River Chiese

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Fishing in Trentino also means fishing in the crystal-clear waters of the river Chiese.

Fishing in Valle del Chiese

The fishing seasonFrom the end of February, the Trentino Fishing system brings many lovers of the sport to the waters of its lakes and rivers. The opening of the fishing season in Trentino is an important event: you’ll often come across fishers armed with their rods and plenty of patience here, even in Valle del Chiese, on the trails that wind their way along the banks of rivers or in "gorges" so narrow they seem like canyons.
For those who are slightly less adventurous or have not yet mastered the art of lines and floats, calm, placid lakes offer the perfect opportunity for a relaxing day in nature.


The 2023 season opens on SUNDAY 26 FEBRUARY, while fishing is banned on Tuesdays and Fridays.

For any information, including technical info:
HELGA +39 348 8449115
CHRISTIAN +39 340 2646812

special zones and no-kill zones

Also known as catch-and-release zones, these were instituted for the first time in 1954 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the United States. The concept has also been widespread in Trentino for some time, where it has grown in popularity as both a fish management measure and as a personal philosophy for fishers.
There are five no-kill zones in Valle del Chiese: no-kill 1, no-kill 2, no-kill 3, no-kill 4 and no-kill 5; in addition to the special zones of "Borgo Chiese" and "Val di Fumo".
The no-kill zones are only accessible subject to booking, call: Helga +39 348 8449115 (from 8.00 a.m.-11.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m.)

The lakes

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the many shimmering pools of water scattered throughout Valle del Chiese. The lakes of Trentino are infinite in their diversity, and in their many different shades. From the glassy pools of water on the valley floor to the mid-mountain or plateau lakes, all the way up to the Alpine lakes tucked away amid the peaks. From Lake Idro to the Adamello massif, these enchanting little blue and green gems act as treasure chests protecting precious biodiversity and incredible aquatic wildlife. Dive right in to the world of Trentino’s lakes!

Map, regulation and fishing permits

Map and regulation

Below you’ll find the area map for the river Chiese and the regulations, so you won’t be caught unprepared

Download the map of fishing zones
Download the Fishing Regulation

Fishing permits

Want to spend a day immersed in nature? Get your fishing permit from one of our retailers scattered throughout the valley. Find the one closest to you:

Pieve di Bono Info Point | +39 0465 901217
Bar Garnì Alla Posta | +39 0465 674059
Borel Hotel | +39 0465 674123
Botega de Strada | +39 0465 674024

Bar Peter Pan | +39 0465 685034
Bar Conventino | +39 0465 685000

Bar Pasticceria Chiara | +39 349 2900202

Albergo la Valle | +39 0465 674360
Bar Centro | +39 0465 674017
Ristorante Albergo Da Bianca | +39 0465 674704
Ristorante Boazzo | +39 328 3697487
Bar alla Diga Bissina | +39 333 2393491

Albergo Miramonti | +39 0465 901108 | +39 338 4344376

Albergo Ampola Ristorante Pizzeria | +39 0464 595041
Bar Posta | +39 349 1909822

Trentino fishing guide

If you want to spend an unforgettable day fishing in Trentino, contact one of our “Trentino Fishing Guides”, experts available to accompany you to the finest fishing spots. Clothing and equipment hire option upon request.

MATTEO LAVEZZINI (languages spoken: IT, EN)
Tel. + 39 349 6854397 | email adress:

Trentino fishing lodges

The Trentino Fishing Lodges are ready to welcome you with special services dedicated to fishers. Fishing permits, personalised wake-up calls, early breakfasts, an area for storing and washing fishing equipment, and packed lunches are just some of the facilities available in our hotels and farm stays. They will be at your disposal for any information you need on fishing zones and maps of the territory, purchasing fishing permits or booking guided outings, or simply for advice on getting started or improving your techniques, as well as suggestions on hiring or purchasing equipment. Book your fishing holiday with confidence, for a fun and carefree experience.

aquatic wildlife

The following are the main species of fish found in our rivers:

  • Marble trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus)
  • Brown trout (Salmo trutta trutta)
  • Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
  • Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)
  • Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus)
  • Chub (Leuciscus cephalus)
  • Perch (Perca fluvialitis)
  • Grayling (Thymallus thymallus)
  • Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
  • Pike (Esox lucius)


Want to enjoy a day of fishing, but don’t have all the equipment? No problem: you can hire everything you need with complete confidence even for just one day.
Everything you need for lake or river fishing.

Via Lunga, 51 - 38085 Pieve di Bono Prezzo
Tel. +39 0465 674024
Piazza Dante - 38087 Roncone di Sella Giudicarie
Tel. +39 349 2344324 | +39 0465 901187
Via Acquaiolo, 38 - 38083 Borgo Chiese
Tel. +39 0465 621724
Via del Mercato, 21 - 38089 Storo
Tel. +39 347 2617032


Any fishers interested in checking out the quality of our waters?
You can, thanks to the webcams on the Chiese river:

Local fishing associations active on the Chiese river:

Pescatori Alto Chiese A.S.D.
Associazione Pescatori Lago di Roncone
Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti di Storo

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