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The Polla Mauro ORGANIC farm, located in Pan a Caderzone Terme, manages the breeding of Rendena cows.

In 2011, the Polla family, which has always been involved in the breeding of Rendena cattle, decided to open its own dairy; thus a 0 km reality was born, in fact, it could be said at zero meters: the milk, milked in the stable, is transformed in the adjacent laboratory and sold directly in the farmhouse's shop. A job that requires great passion, commitment and assiduous perseverance. Requirements that the cheesemaker, Mosca Giovanni, has demonstrated since the first jokes!

The transformation begins early in the morning, even before the first light of dawn, around 3 in the morning…….when the world is still asleep! The milk obtained from the previous day's milking is placed in outcrop basins, thus obtaining the outcrop cream, for the production of butter. The milk thus "defatted" is then used for the organic production of Maso cheeses.

Organic and truly zero-km cheese and dairy production.

Opening and closing times

Opening times:
• from 4th June 2021 to 31st December 2024, on Thursday 3pm-6pm

Special opening times:
• on 16th December 2023, 8am-12am, 4pm-6pm
• 16th December 2023 8am-12am, 4pm-6pm

Exceptional closure:
• 17th December 2023

The timetable may vary, it is advisable to call 3339809445. Upon reservation, the visit to the company and the museum will also be open after hours.

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