Cimitero austroungarico monumentale

Cimitero austroungarico monumentale title=

The monument is a touching warning against all wars. It hosts the 697 bodies of Franz Joseph 'soldiers fallen in the Giudicarie valleys, between the rivers Chiese and Sarca.

In this extraordinary place of memory - of great architectural interest - a commemorative ceremony is held every year to commemorate the 697 soldiers of Franz Joseph fallen during the First World War in the Giudicarie valleys, between the rivers Chiese and Sarca. The monumental cemetery in Bondo is a sort of “Spoon River” and preserves the memory of a whole generation wiped out by the war. It was built, starting in 1916, by the Austrian commander Theodor Spiegel, and is now considered, by extension, a monument to the fallen of every war and a warning against all wars. The fallen are grouped in irregularly shaped areas, with concrete stones: the corresponding names are shown on crosses painted in black.


The large entrance staircase, in marble and granite, decorated with sculptures.

Opening and closing times

Opening times:
• from January 2021 to December 2025, from Monday to Sunday

The monument and the cemetery are freely accessible all year round

Reachable by car and on foot. The cemetery can only be visited along the monumental staircase that makes up part of the twentieth-century work of art.


  • 09/08 (8.45 pm) Singing evening. The San Barnaba choir (conducted by Maestro Gilberto Valenti), the Rocce Rosse choir (conducted by Maestro Loris Ghezzi) and the Cantabont choir (conducted by Maestro Renato Ghezzi) will perform an evening of songs interspersed with the reading of a war diary.

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