Ski mountaineering in the Giudicarie

Ski Mountaineering In The Giudicarie title=

Ski mountaineering in the Giudicarie Centrali: experience the winter mountains to the full.

Ski mountaineering itineraries in the Giudicarie

Experience winter sports in the Giudicarie Centrali. Various associations organise a wide range of meet-ups every winter, offering people the chance to enjoy alternative winter mountain experiences, all taking place without the use of ski-lifts, expensive daily or seasonal subscription costs and all far from the congestion of the downhill slopes.

This is the most intimate and direct way of accessing the mountain and its infinite spaces.

For lovers of virgin expanses of snow, the Giudicarie Centrali has dozens of ski mountaineering and hiking itineraries to try, as well as Mountain Guides who will give you professional advice and see you through your trip in absolute safety.

Val di BreguzzoThe Val di Breguzzo in particular is simply paradise for ski mountaineers. This is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt valleys in the Giudicarie and its distinctive morphological features make it a great choice for this sport. The alpine environment exists at very low altitudes and allows ski mountaineers or snowshoe hikers to start their trek as early as 1,150 m (Presa locality), where there is a handy large car park. From here, adventurers can reach the valley's peaks, which lie in a crown arrangement that forms a wide, panoramic amphitheatre culminating in the Cop di Breguzzo at more than 3,000 m.

D’Arnò and TrivenaThis valley of glacial origin, in the middle part, forks into two splendid sub-valleys: that of Arnò and that of Trivena. Just above the huts of the same name of Arnò and Trivena (1650 m), there is a vast, enchanting and wild territory, which offers the possibility of countless ski mountaineering or snowshoe itineraries.

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