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Activities for everyone at Mondo Contadino!

distinctive qualities Do you know what the distinctive qualities of malga cheese are and how it differs from other cheeses? It is a cheese made at high altitudes, between 1500 and 1800 metres above sea level, from freshly milked raw milk. It is a product strongly linked to the territory of the Valle del Chiese, which is rich in foothill meadows and pastures. The constant mowing and care by the farmers, the fragrant grass and the mountain flowers give the milk and the 'formai da mont' with which it is made, very special and inimitable qualities. For example, strong personality, savouriness and surprising digestibility that make it an excellent accompaniment to Storo yellow flour polenta or as a melted cheese or in combination with well-cooked red meat.

cattle parade The highlight of the event will be the traditional cattle parade, the mowing competition and the 'junior drivers' competition. At Mondo Contadino, there will be activities for everyone: for farmers and children, for dairymen and breeders, for gourmets and lovers of vintage atmospheres.

It is a weekend dedicated to rurality and high altitude gastronomy at zero kilometres, a full immersion in rural culture and its traditions.

Goodness at high altitude

New for the summer is 'Bontà ad alta quota' (Goodness at high altitude), a series of initiatives and tastings on some malghe (shepherd's huts) in the Valle del Chiese that will take part in the 'Festival Formai da Mót', to bring tourists and locals closer to the area.

Festival Formai da Mót

In the fourth edition of the Formai da Mót Festival, it will be the cheeses that will compete to determine the best among those produced in the alpine pastures of the Valle del Chiese.

16 SEPTEMBER 2023: Cattle show and inauguration of the 13th edition of Mondo Contadino.
17 SEPTEMBER 2023: Workshops, exhibitions and showcooking to enhance the rural world.


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