Santo Stefano's church in Carisolo

Santo Stefano's Church In Carisolo title=

The cemetery church of S. Stefano in Carisolo, characterized by its solid bell tower and the three striking Crosses, appears as an ancient document waiting to be read.

The S. Stefano church and the Baschenis' Macabre Dance

The outer partIts paintings narrate long and evocative beliefs.
The southern part, frescoed by Simone in 1519, as the autograph signatures guarantee, features
captions in the vernacular depicting, the stories of S. Stefano (within twenty compartments), the
Macabre Dance (where the figures, paired with skeletons, are arranged in hierarchical order to
represent the different social categories) and the seven deadly vices.

The inner partIn the interior part too, the iconographic trend, the search for the real, the nonchalance of the
figures, sail into the new art. On the southern wall of the nave, stands the Annunciation, of a freshness and purity rare in Simone’s more mature work.

The last supper fresco

The last supperThe chromatic brightness, creates an emotion which takes hold immediately.
The intimacy and respect of these frescoes, impart a strength greater than much so called cultured
art. This is attested by the scenographic layout of the Last Supper, rich in sacred and biblical symbols,
with the underlying procession of saints.

The Carlo Magno's passage

Carlo Magno in Rendena ValleyThe baptism’ fresco of a catechumen, narrate a legend in which Carlo Magno passed through
Rendena Valley with his retinue of bishops and warriors.
Under this fresco, located in the back of the hall, there is a long inscription in Gothic characters
narrating the passage of the King of the Franks.

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