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The municipality of Sella Giudicarie was established on 1 January 2016 when the municipalities of Bondo, Breguzzo, Lardaro and Roncone were merged.

The hamlet of Bondo lies on morainic soil at the watershed between the Sarca and Chiese basins, where the Fiana and Arnò rivers meet, in the heart of a landscape of great morphological interest. The parish church of S. Bartolomeo sits on the northern edges of the historic centre. Of medieval origins, references to its reconstructions have survived from the 15th century (consecrated in 1445) and a century later (1590). It was renovated during the baroque era (1613 and 1795) and expanded in 1886. It holds two baroque wooden altars (17th and 18th centuries) by local artisans.

At the northern entrance to the village, to the left of the state road, is the cimitero-monumento ai Caduti austriaci, the memorial cemetery that holds the remains of over 700 Austrian soldiers killed in the Adamello War (1915-18). It sits on a rise reached by a flight of steps and is made of granite from Valle di Breguzzo. The same valley provided the white marble for the groups of sculptures, notable among which are the “dying deer” and the two great high-relief carvings on the top of the monument (depicting scenes of war and tillage).

East of the graveyard, on the “peninsula” where the deep Fiana (Val Gavardìna) and Arnò (Val Breguzzo) rivers come together, is a little green hill with a panoramic view, which is thought to have been the site of a prehistoric castelliere.

Two bronze dagger blades from the early Iron Age and some Roman coins have been found in Bondo, while the construction of the burial chapel in Fortìn (1918) turned up many funerary urns with bone fragments, golden jewellery, and four Roman coins (G. Roberti, 1954). In the garden of a 19th-century villa on the southern outskirts of the village is a majestic, centuries-old deodar cedar tree.
Traditionally, the village’s economy was based on wooden crafts, but the tourist industry has also grown in recent decades.

Bondo also provides a base for a number of excursions: Carè Alto, 3,462 m; Cóp di Casa, 2,965 m; Cop di Breguzzo, 2,997 m; Danèrba, 2,910 m; Cima d´Arnò, 2,849 m; Cima Valbona, 2,889 m; and towards the Gavardìna chain (Ledro Alps).

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