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Riserva di Biosfera Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria

Biosphere means...Biosphere means "sphere of life", a territory well worth experiencing: a very lush nature, landscapes created and protected by man, ancient villages, traditions, food and wine, life outdoors: these are perfect ingredients for unique emotions that involve all five senses!

Experiencing the Biosphere means capturing in a photograph the beauty of Lake Idro while walking along its shore, enjoying the sunset on the Ferrata Sasse, looking at the sky when cycling uphill towards Alpo and then walking up to Cima Tombea, the Garden of Europe.

Experiencing the Biosphere means listening to the sounds of nature while in the distance you can hear the sounds of farmers working in the fields, the boisterous village festivals and many gushing fountains as well as the tumbling Palvico stream.

Experiencing the Biosphere means breathing the scents of the forest, of freshly cut grass on Nar meadows, steaming Storo polentaDarzo roasted chestnuts during Christmas markets when you stroll across Quartinago village.

Experiencing the Biosphere means retracing a few moments of local modern and contemporary history and delving into the characteristics of a gorge environment by visiting the Historical Nature Trail set up at Forte Ampola.

Experiencing the Biosphere means tasting local products such as the alpine char or Spressa cheese.

Experiencing the Biosphere means embracing the rock while climbing, plunging into the fresh waters of Lake IdroLake Roncone, rivers Sarca and Chiese, gorges and waterfalls, alpine lakes or cycling along old mule trails to reach Boniprati plateau.

UNESCOUNESCO has preserved a live territory to explore walking, cycling, horseback riding or simply for a lunch with friends, a visit to the castle, or a pic-nick. This is a magical corner of Trentino!

A territory of 47 thousand hectares, with only 16 thousand inhabitants that represents Alpine richness in a nutshell: it’s the area between the Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, that UNESCO has acknowledged as “the Alpi Ledrensi - Judicaria Biosphere Reserve from the Dolomites to Garda Lake” thus being included in the World network of the MAB UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Directory, containing 669 Reserves worldwide.

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