"Continuum": tradition becomes design

“Pedretti Home”, the design brand born three years ago presents its second collection, “Continuum”: a tribute to dolomite rock and the traditions of Trentino.

the new collection created by Pedretti Home

“It’s called “Continuum” and it’s the new collection created by Pedretti Home, the design brand born three years ago from the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Simone Pedretti, a young man from Pinzolo who grew up in the restless hub of work and ideas, straddling tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and art, this is this is his family company.

If something about the family business has inspired him, it is perhaps the openness towards the the world beyond the mountains of houses, the taste for the Italian “job well done” attitude and a strong propensity for public relations, allowing him to take his own individual path through world-class design, where beauty becomes an exclusive item of furniture.

In the heart of the Dolomites, in a evocative corner of Trentino, stands Pedretti Home, a young company with a specific mission: to honour and preserve the timeless traditions of this extraordinary land. Pedretti Home has been in business for three years and now presents its second collection, “Continuum”, created using the precious dolomite rock, symbol of the Dolomites.

This new collection represents a passionate tribute to Trentino and its deep roots. What’s more, “Continuum” is the first collection designed by interior designer Martina Castagna, daughter of superstar architect Massimo Castagna, continuing the family’s tradition of innovation and creativity. Dolomite rock, with its unique limestone sheen and light grey colour, has always sheen and light grey colour, has always been an intrinsic part of the mountainous landscape of the region. It is this same stone that inspired the creation of “Continuum”, a collection that is much more than a series of products - it is a tribute to the traditions of Trentino. 

The “Èrt” floor lampThe “Èrt” floor lamp, which recalls the proverb “Ama l’ert ma teite al pian” (Love the peaks but stay at a low altitude), captures the shape of the mountain peaks, in particular the Campanil Basso and the Campanil Alto of the Brenta Dolomites. 
These iconic peaks become the image of eternity and love for the mountains.

The circular brazier “Fòc”raciere circolare “Fòc”The circular brazier “Fòc” is inspired by proverb “Chi che vol el fòc deve ‘ngiotir anca ‘l fum”, (If you want to warm yourself by the fire, you must also put up with the smoke) inviting complicity around the fire and remembering that joys must also be accompanied by challenges.

the “Bon Vin” wine cellar

Finally, the “Bon Vin” wine cellar, which is produced at certain altitudes, celebrates the indissoluble bond between the territory and its delicious wine, recalling the saying “El bon vin l’è tut sangue” (A good wine is all blood).


The goal is to export Made in Italy and Trentino traditions all over the world”.

“Continuum” is much more than a collection of objects, - says Simone Pedretti, CEO and founder of Pedretti Home - it is a passionate tribute to Trentino, an ode to its roots and its uniqueness. These products not only continue our traditions, but transform them into modern works of art, destined to last for many years. Pedretti Home, despite being a young company, boasts a deep connection with the territory and is aiming for commercial expansion abroad with the opening of the first retailer in the United States, in Los Angeles, and there are ongoing negotiations with a second retailer in New York. The goal is to export Made in Italy and Trentino traditions all over the world”.


Pedretti Home creates high-end furniture and objects in unique stone-based materials.
Visit pedrettihome.com to learn more about the brand and the new “Continuum” collection.

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